Hubble Ultra Deep Field (
Katherine E. Whitaker;  Image Credit: Ethan M. Tease


As an observational extragalactic astronomer, I study the formation and evolution of massive galaxies over the past eleven billion years of cosmic time. I am interested in pushing our detection of quiescent “red and dead” galaxies even earlier in time (within only a few billion years of the Big Bang itself!), as well as understanding the detailed physics of the structures and underlying stellar populations of massive galaxies. With exquisite Hubble Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy, my collaborators and I continue to explore the rich uncharted territory of the distant universe. Our understanding of the cosmos is fundamentally tied to the study of galaxies, the birthplace of all stars and life itself.  As we reveal how galaxies are evolving from the earliest times to the present day, we are continually piecing together an intriguing timeline of the cosmos.


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Recent Publications

Predicting Quiescence: The Dependence of Specific Star Formation Rate on Galaxy Size and Central Density at 0.5<z<2.5  Whitaker, K.E., Bezanson, R., van Dokkum, P.G., Franx, M., van der Wel, A., Brammer, G.B., Forster-Schreiber, N.M., Giavalisco, M., Labbe, I., Momcheva, I.G., Nelson, E.J., Skelton, R.E., 2017, ApJ, 838:19.

Early Science with the Large Millimeter Telescope: Detection of Dust Emission in Multiple Images of a Normal Galaxy at z>4 Lensed by a Frontier Fields Cluster  Pope, A., Montana, A., Battisti, A., Limousin, M., Marchesini, D., Wilson, G.W., Alberts, S., Aretxaga, I., Avila-Reese, V., Ramon Bermejo-Climent, J., Brammer, G., Bravo-Alfaro, H., Calzetti, D., Chary, R.-R., Cybulski, R., Giavalisco, M., Hughes, D., Kado-Fong, E., Keller, E., Kirkpatrick, A., Labbe, I., Lange-Vagle, D., Lowenthal, J., Murphy, E., Oesch, P., Rosa Gonzalez, D., Shipley, H., Stefanon, M., Vega, O., Whitaker, K.E., Williams, C.C., Yun, M., Zavala, J.A., Zeballos, M., 2017, ApJ, 838:137.

Near-infrared spectroscopy of 5 ultra-massive galaxies at 1.7<z<2.7  Kado-Fong, E., Marchesini, D., Marsan, Z.C., Muzzin, A., Quadri, R., Brammer, G.B., Bezanson, R., Labbe, I., Lundgren, B., Rudnick, G., Stefanon, M., Tal, T., Wake, D., Williams, R., Whitaker, K.E., van Dokkum, P.G., 2017, arXiv: 1702.04352.

Low Gas Fractions Connect Compact Star-forming Galaxies to their z~2 Quiescent Descendants  Spilker, J.S., Bezanson, R., Marrone, D.P., Weiner, B.J., Whitaker, K.E., Williams, C.C., 2016, ApJ, 832:19.

Galaxy Structure as a Driver of the Star Formation Sequence Slope and Scatter  Whitaker, K.E., Franx, M., Bezanson, R., Brammer, G., van Dokkum, P., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Leja, J., Momcheva, I., Nelson, E., Rigby, J., Rix, H.-W., Skelton, R., van der Wel, A., Wuyts, S., 2015, ApJL, 811:12.

NASA Interview for Hubble 25th Anniversary; Goddard Space Flight Center; Image Credit: Wade Sisler
NASA TV Studio, Goddard Space Flight Center; Image Credit: Wade Sisler