PHYS1025Q: Introductory Astronomy  (Fall 2017, Fall 2018)

Through the generous support of the Provost’s Large Course Redesign grant initiative at UConn, an exciting overhaul of Introductory Astronomy (PHYS1025Q)  is refocusing the course on teaching scientific literacy. The improvements include (1) adding active learning techniques, (2) updating to inquiry-based labs with the purchase of modern astronomical equipment, (3) switching to OpenStax Astronomy, an open source textbook, and (4) integrating learning outcome assessments into the course.  Course material is available directly through HuskyCT.

Astrophotography from Night Observing – Fall 2017

PHYS4720/6720: Galaxies and Interstellar Medium  (Spring 2019)

This upper level undergraduate course, cross-listed as a graduate course, describes the observations and scientific theories that shape our understanding of astrophysical phenomena related to galaxy formation and evolution. The goals of this class are (1) to help the student further develop some of the skills central to life as a research scientist (collaborative learning, effective reading, scientific writing, and order of magnitude analysis), and (2) to help the student become familiar with the most important themes and paradigms in the field of galaxies and galaxy evolution, thinking of problems as practitioners in the field do.  Course material is available directly through HuskyCT.